I was introduced to the NPL by the likes of Cazique, Sprout, Sidhe, and Spelvin at a couple of Stamford Crossword tournaments. I finally succumbed and joined after being given a sample Enigma and thinking, “Oooh, this'd be fun to do every month”.

//First Issue:// Dec 2000


My own recruiting attempts have been lackluster, though I did give a gift membership to a friend who shall remain nomless.



The lion's mane has made him vain.
The peacock's plumes are oft displayed.
Observers raise their voices praising
Camels, rhinos (both amazing!)
While the zebra, calmly grazing,
stands unnoticed in the shade.
He faces facts without remorse:
'mongst animals of wondrous types
he's pretty much a common horse...
of course,
his Stripes....

subversive views
in simple hues,
his odd tattoos,
his Stripes....

He spends his days in harmless ways:
he eats, he plays, he lays at ease.
His life is not a string of dramas
(like the smug, flambouyant llama's);
zebras don't upset their mamas
lighting fires, climbing trees.
He doesn't need a fancy feast,
he munches grass and never gripes.
A largely uexciting beast
he has,
at least,
his Stripes....

his secret signs, just out of sight
are printed there in black and white.
if you could read between the lines
his Grand Designs
his Stripes....

He meets his needs among the weeds.
Fantastic deeds are not his style.
He's no great actor like the possum,
cheetahs' speeds are much more awesome,
elephants see Alps and cross 'em,
hippos bravely ford the Nile.
The zebra merely stands apart.
His tasseled tail he idly swipes,
and unaware, he bares his heart
his soul
his Art
his Stripes....

light and dark are blended
in his stark and splendid Stripes.
a quiet sense of chaos,
of normalcy suspended,
a little gentle madness
are his stark and splendid



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