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Minisample Cryptic


This specially designed minisample cryptic is just like a normal cryptic crossword, with this exception: a small piece should be removed from each of six entries before they are placed in the grid. The resulting entries are all words. For help on how to solve cryptic crosswords, go to

cryptic crossword grid


1 Gloria Steinem re-edits finite Ms.
5 South Central: 60% retired
8 Bulb is on; I lit
9 Care about land area
11 Kingdom in Iceland is home to saint
12 Primate's homily cut short by a third return of loud noise
14 Help a criminal beat badly
15 Ringers live with 50-50 success, at first
16 Eli redesigned necklace
17 Taper giving little light is holding in hydrogen


1 Confused, Frodo loses last piece of Mordor bread
2 Raise rebuilt Le Bonne …
3 … after Nice's reconstruction
4 A sotted, blotto drunk
5 Henchman keeps ten hidden in Minnesota
6 Reveals United Nations luxury car
7 Digit to transcendental number
10 Lunch I like includes hot food
13 Zip code for T
14 Internet company returns 3/4 of loan
15 Guarded by Carib, I'm in island part of the Bahamas

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