Searching the REC.PUZZLE Archives

The rec.puzzles Archive is a list of puzzles, categorized by subject area. Each puzzle includes a solution, compiled from various sources, which is supposed to be definitive.



The entire archive is also accessible via anonymous FTP, from any site which maintains archives of the newsgroups news.answers or rec.answers. The file part01 contains the index. The remaining files contain alternating problem text and solution text for all the puzzles.

Some FTP sites are:


To request a puzzle, send a message to like:

return_address your_name@your_site.your_domain  

send requested_puzzle_name

For example, if your net address is “”, to request “geometry/”, send the message:


To request the index, use:

send index

To request multiple puzzles, use several “send” lines in a message. Please refrain from requesting the entire archive via email. Use FTP.

THE rec.puzzles ORACLE

This is a group of rec.puzzles regulars, who are familiar with the rec.puzzles archive, and who will find your answer there if it exists, or maybe compose an original answer if they are interested enough! At any rate, they promise to respond to your question within two days, and perhaps save you the embarrassment of posting a well-worn question. They will respond within two days even if they do not know the answer to your question.

To query the rec.puzzles oracle, send email containing your question to

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