Solving Tools of the NPL


The Enigma Corrigenda are notes about errors and omissions in The Enigma.

Base Finding Tools

Dictionary Searching

The Dictionary Grep/Search uses our wordlists gathered from many sources to find terms using regular expressions.

We also have Dictionary Grep/Search - Advanced which provides more powerful options.

Cryptogram Solving

The Penrose Cryptogram Solver is a Java applet that tracks the details of solving a cryptogram.

Brutus, our cryptogram solver, Password required is only available to Members

Form Friend

Form Friend is a tool from to help build forms. Forms are an Extra in the Enigma; these are words interlocked to make a variety of shapes that can be simply rectangular or more complex.


Many of the solving tools rely on the start as a resource. These are large lists of a dictionary nature, that is, they are proper words and names as found in one or more common dictionaries. Each list has a different emphasis and origin.

Note: We claim no copyright on the content of the wordlists, since they are, as best we can determine, in the public domain.

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