Solving Tools of the NPL

Base Finding Tools

Dictionary Searching

The Dictionary Grep/Search uses our wordlists gathered from many sources to find terms using regular expressions.

We also have Dictionary Grep/Search - Advanced which provides more powerful options.


Here is the new wordlist page.

Cryptogram Solving (Obsolete)

A long time ago, the League had a Cryptogram solver named Brutus and a Cryptogram helper named Penrose, but they were abandoned more than ten years ago.

Form Friend (Obsolete)

Form Friend was a tool from to help build forms. Forms are an Extra in the Enigma; these are words interlocked to make a variety of shapes that can be simply rectangular or more complex.

This tool is obsolete but may still run on old systems. For solvers, the Enigma now contains form shapes so the tool is not needed.

Corrigenda (Obsolete)

From August 1997 to December 2009, notes about errors and omissions in The Enigma were available in the Corrigenda page.

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