Website Reorganization

  • Users can setup their own account and password using the [login] or [profile] buttons at the bottom of the screen. This removes the need for a password change screen from /secure/krewe/password.php.
  • The treasurer no longer needs to add everyone's account; instead, we use a “group” of Krewe to permit access to The Members Only Area.

Some guidelines?

How To Move a Page Manually

  1. Edit the page you're trying to move, and “cut” all the content out.
  2. Open a (second?) browser chosing where you want it to go.
  3. At the bottom, select Create this page, and pastethe content from the old page.
  4. Save the New Page.
  5. If you are using a second browser, now you can safely save the “empty” old page to delete it.
  6. Check the report at Missing & Orphaned Pages to see if you broke links.
    • Click on the link to the page you moved
    • In the title bar, click on the “backlinks” link ie. [[webmaster:moved_items]] above.
    • You'll get a list of all the pages that point to the OLD page and you want to point to the NEW location.
    • Open each listed page in a new tab or window1) (or you may need to come back to this list often)
    • Edit the page and alter the links to move the IDs to the new location.

Note: There is a plugin that should allow us to eliminate almost all of these steps if can get thing upgraded to the current Wiki Version.

1) or you can “copy the link” and paste it into a second window/tab
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