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This Wiki implements a number of customizations by the webmasters from others and for the requirements of the Members of the League. We have a ToDo Page as well for unresolved issues.

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PHP Forms

There are a number of areas where a PHP form or page was required but, for security reasons, not entirely desirable. The Wiki implementation, as we retrieved it from the DokuWiki site in Aug/2005, allows global PHP code to be enabled in the configuration, but that has the problem of anyone who can edit the site can execute code … so, you either heavily restrict edits or you prohibit PHP in pages.

We considered both of these options unsatisfactory. Why have a Wiki if no one can edit? But we still need forms.

Therefore we designed a solution: a third “data directory” similar to pages (which can be edited) and media (which can be uploaded) that contains PHP forms. This required, for the most part, only a bit of additional code to find and inject the form.

I'm compiling separate notes to document the forms changes.


We implemented the modifcation to for Page Counters.


We have implemented the Sidebar code from for the 2005-07-13 release.

Manage User Profiles

We have implemented the Profile Management code from wiki:discussion:manageprofile for the 2005-07-13 release. This allows users to change their own passwords and update an email address stored on the website.

Base Links

We have implemented the Base Links change from wiki:tips:base_links. This permits reference to the Guide to the Enigma. FIXME: these internal links should NOT open in a new window – they should remain in the same window just like any “internal links.”


  • changes to the xhtml_parser object to support::
    • Added a background function for external links (added the $returnonly parameter as was done for internal links).
    • Added a background function for email links (added the $returnonly parameter as was done for internal links).

Minor hacks

 * Add's an entry to the changelog
 * @author Andreas Gohr <>
function addLogEntry($date,$id,$summary=""){
  global $conf;
  $id     = cleanID($id);//FIXME not needed anymore?

/**Keep playground out of changelog**/
  if(preg_match ("/playground/","$id")){
  } /**end of playground section **/  

Implemented Wiki:Orphans_And_Wanted

Missing & Orphaned Pages lists all the links on the site and the link counts. The lists are broken into two groups:

  • Missing pages have links but do not exist – these should be created.
  • Orphans: existing pages with 0 links – this should be related to something on the site.
  • This has been upgraded to a plugin for Dokuwiki to reduce maintenance (Mar/2006).

Wish List

  • FIXME We need a way to define anchors without headings. For example, in the FAQ, we want to add an “answer” about “googlewhacking, and would like to be able to add a reference to the question/answer without making a heading in the text. Similar problems exist with the Census.
  • FIXME clean all the stuff off the "To Do list"


Named Anchors

Use this style to create simpler names for Anchors:

    <html><a name="--my name--"></a></html>

This anchor should appear before the heading, if any, you are marking.

Whenever you create a heading, you also create a named anchor with:

  • no leading or trailing whitespace
  • internal spaces are changed to underscores
  • reserved characters are changed to underscores
  • all characters are lowercase.

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