Things the Webmaster's Have Yet TODO

The customizations list may also be of interest.

  • FIXME Managing user groups
  • FIXME Implement a “reset my password” function to allow a user to reset their own password.
  • FIXME Treasurer's User Manager page
  • FIXME Sync User Passwords everywhere
  • FIXME Editor's uploads [still needed??]
  • FIXME Con Chat page?? (the “Who's coming to Con?” page)
  • FIXME Postmaster form
  • FIXME CAPTCHA the Register form.
  • FIXME CAPTCHA the Profile form.
  • FIXME CAPTCHA the save after edits.
  • Corrigenda – the page is there, if not all the functionality.
  • remove dupe entries from index due to Forms directories.
  • FIXME Stuff on the Wishlist.
  • FIXME form for email requests in secure area same as 'postmaster's form' above?
  • FIXME form for website requests
  • FIXME page for the 2005 Con Puzzles
  • FIXME form for FAQ suggestions
  • FIXME prevent search engines from finding the Wordlists.
  • FIXME [mercury] On the “Register as new user” page, change the last sentence to: Please use your nom as the Username, modifying it, if necessary, so that it's a valid pagename.
  • FIXME - Convert the Con Attendance Page to a plugin
  • FIXME [mercury] The e-mail message that's automatically generated when somebody registers.
    1. Change the word Login to Username. [I don't know why the “Register as new user” page and this e-mail message use the word “login” instead of “username”…makes no sense and can confuse people.]
    2. Add to the e-mail message something like this: Before you can access all portions of the NPL Web site, your registration needs to be activated. Please send your username and full name in a message to and ask for your username to be activated. It currently states:
         Hi <Full name>
         Here is your userdate for NPL Wiki at [[]]
         Login     : <Username>
         Password : <auto generated>
         This mail was generated by DokuWiki at [[http:/]]
  1. FIXME [Roy] the list of cons is in numerical order so the con I care about (2006) is at the bottom.
  2. FIXME Added the “BaseLink” plugin so that references to the Guide work.

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