Preface to the 2004 Edition 

This update of the 1992-1995 Guide to the Enigma has been in the works for so long that some of its revisions have had to be revised. Apart from that, the Forms section has been entirely redone; the Glossary is brand new to this edition; and we have new flat types and new extra types, along with many other changes throughout.

Thanks go to all the original contributors. Thanks to a number of Krewe who added anything from a definition to an entire section: Brillig, Hot, Lunch Boy, Mercury, Philana, Qaqaq, Quip, Saxifrage, Treesong, ΧΕΙΡΩΝ, Xemu. And to President Tyger for inspiration and patience.

Over the last few months, Brillig and Treesong proofed, copyedited, commented, and in general saved me from a thousand errors of style or content. (The remaining errors are mine.) I can’t thank them enough for their intelligence, expertise, and generosity. And Smaug took on the final work of design, making the pages readable, renumbering, and reprinting.

While this Guide is now through-numbered, there’s no reason you can’t arrange the individual sections in your binder in whatever order you find most useful.

Sibyl, Guide Editor
February, 2004

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