As the guide is an official document of the National Puzzlers' League, its text is not going to be changed on the website until it is released again (about 2010?). Annotations here, and in the guide, will be linked to each other.

Preface to the Guide

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History of the NPL

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 Membership Information

ErrataFaro has collected a list of all of the noms known to be used by members of the National Puzzlers' League. This is available as a PDF from Noms, Cons, and Offices Members Only. (Apr/2006 Webmaster)

ErrataAfter publication of the guide, responsibility for passwords was transferred to the Treasurer rather than the webmaster. This allows the Treasurer to create, reset, and disable user passwords as members join, forget, or lapse. (Jan/2005 Webmaster)

ErrataWe altered the link from to to make the link functional with the Wiki. (Sept/2008 Webmaster)

Sharing the Puzzles

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Guidelines for Composing

Errata The printed guide does not includes a list of where to send submissions since offices tend to change every year or two while the guide is revised approximately every 5 years. The website, however, does include this list here. (Jun/2004 Webmaster)

 Preparing Solution Lists
Editorial Verses

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Introduction to Forms

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ErrataAfter publication of the guide, the "Penrose Cryptogram Tool" (written by Kite) was uploaded to the website. This is an addition to Brutus tool (written by Xemu [Password required]) that provides solutions for Cryptograms that are not in current Enigmas.


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Reference Books

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The League unanimously elected to amend the bylaws as proposed at the 2006 Convention. From the Oct/2006 Enigma:


The following bylaws amendment (with minor changes in wording) was authorized by the business meeting at the 2006 convention for placement on the fall ballot. It has two principal functions.

  • It brings the bylaws in line with current practice for selecting convention sites. Several years ago, the convention business meeting voted to begin selecting sites two years in advance rather than one; under the old wording, it was then necessary to formally ratify the choice one year in advance. The new version removes this formality, by making two-year advance selection obligatory (with the usual exception: the Board may be authorized to make a selection later, or to replace a site already selected if it becomes unavailable).
  • It fixes a couple of logical problems with the site selection process. Under the current wording, one can bid for any year arbitrarily far into the future, and as soon as one bid is placed for a given year, it becomes obligatory to immediately select a site for that year by a plurality vote. (E.g., at the 2007 convention, where the 2009 site will be picked, I can “poach“ the 2010 convention by prematurely bidding for it.) The new wording removes the obligation to choose (except for the “normal” selection of a site two years into the future); it also removes the specification of a voting mechanism. In each case, the proposal is to replace the underlined text with the prosed text in quotes.

Errata CURRENT BYLAW 4: A business meeting shall be held each summer at the annual convention. The order of business at the meeting shall be as follows: reading of the minutes of the previous meeting; reading of the names of members who have died since the previous meeting, and a moment of silence in their honor; reports from the treasurer, and from other officers, individuals, and committees, as appropriate; unfinished business; new business, including presentation of offers to host the following summer's convention, and election of the same; miscellaneous announcements; adjournment.

PROPOSED REPLACEMENT: “new business, including presentation of offers to host future conventions, and election of the same;”

Errata CURRENT BYLAW 6(A): A convention of the membership shall be held each summer. The sites of future conventions shall be decided at the annual business meetings, and a business meeting shall not be adjourned if no site for the following year's convention has been elected, unless the assembly has authorized, by majority vote, a committee to select the site at a later date.

PROPOSED REPLACEMENT: “and a business meeting shall not be adjourned if sites have not been elected for both of the two subsequent years' conventions, unless the assembly has authorized, by majority vote, a committee to select the site(s) at a later date.”

Errata CURRENT BYLAW 6(B): At a business meeting, any member may present to the assembly an offer to host a future convention. When all offers have been presented, and after appropriate debate, the assembly shall vote, and the offer receiving the plurality of votes shall be elected.

PROPOSED REPLACEMENT: “When all offers for a particular year's convention have been presented, and after appropriate debate, a motion may be entertained to vote to select a convention site from among the offers presented.”


Errata Terms added after publication:

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Supplements to the Guide

As the Supplements to the Guide are outside of the guide, by definition, we are unlikely to add any notes here.

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