National Puzzlers' League -- 1998 Convention


Pictures From the 1998 Convention

The 1998 photo is so large that it has been broken into two pieces.

Here are the people in the photo:

From left to right-front row (on floor): Spoonful, Btnirn, Storyteller, J-9, George Groth, Slik, Quiz, Rastelli, Jennifer Sheffield, Cecil, Squonk, Chex, Sluggo

Second row: Luv, Nomad, Twisto, Val-U, En, Eric, Willz, Qaqaq, Lunch Boy, Asobi, Jo The Loiterer, Banterweight, Fraz, Munro, Evita

Third row: Hot, Arachne, Pen Gwyn, Ulk, Charts, Trick, Sue++, R/Eds, Ai, Ariadne, Lilith, Ditto, Ubiq, Dada, Mehitabel, Irbs, Famulus Clio, Bluff, Philana, Helene, Abacus

Fourth row: Tweaser, Mercury, Lyric, Coach, T Mccay, Kray, Qed, Crax, Quipo, Poi, Bartok, Teki, Meki, Al Desuda, Avidan, Atlantic, Wanderer, Manx, Tyger, Treesong, Wampahoofus, Panache, Hart King, Arbutus, Ember.

Back row (on chairs; not really that tall): Chainsaw, Ucaoimhu, Sanit, Dandylion, Anomaly, D. Ness. Saxifrage, Wombat, Wrybosh, Alf, Jon Dark, Xiepon, Earl E Byrd, Momus, Trazom, Sew Do I, Jrman, Rebel, Noam, Kibbee, 100 Down, Uncanny, Cazique

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