Photos of Con 2000 - Con Franciso

Reports and Announcements

Official convention photo

The official group shot was taken by David Braun Photography. The full-size image is so humungous that you don't want to download it unless you have a fast internet connection or lots of patience.Membership and password required

Back row: Mol, Silence, Lyric, Qaqaq, Phantom, Panther, Clio, Daz, Mooncalf, The Foole, Gotcha, Murdoch, Cazique, 100 Down, Kray, Wrybosh, Jim Peebles

Row 2: Panache, T McAy, Sanit, Witz, Quip, Uncanny, Wampahoofus, Maelstrom, Bob Buethe (Obelix), Marten, [sic], Teki, Fuldu, Chainsaw, Munro, G Natural, Crax, Ember, Manx, Sirius, Momus

Row 3: (beginning midway): JrMan, Sew Do I, Ucaoimhu, Treesong, Atom, Sisyphus's Assistant, IRBS, Anomaly, Libra, Pen Gwyn, Ai

Row 4: Arbutus, Saxifrage, Poi, Wombat, QED, Artistry, Bluff, Elfman, Kegler, Atlantic, Pfire, Drfrizby, Xyzzy, Chex, Al DeSuda, Sue++, Ys, D. Ness, Ariadne

Row 5: Svenska, Mehitabel, Avidan, Charts, Conundrum, /dev/joe, Lilith, Voks, Iolanthe, Last Minute, Pebbles, Asobi, Sprout, Jangler, Rowen, Noam, En, Helene, Jo Liddell, Dandr

Row 6: Xelint, Val-U, Lunch Boy, Sidhe, Rastelli, Tilegod, Plaid, Hot, Sappho, Bartok, Laul, Fraz, Banter Weight, Jo the Loiterer, Grinch

Row 7: Sluggo, Dart, Xemu, Emanon, Tyger, Slik, Alice, Arachne, Eric, Trazom, Coach, Cecil, Squonk, Shrdlu

Front row: RandD, Twisto, Willz, Rebel, A Plus, Quiz, Naomi Kosman-Wiener

Not shown: Blammesk, Dandjr and Lloni, ESPN, Evita, Fork, Griddle, Flora Kupferman, Quag, Harris Schanhaut, Linda Sheppard, Tracer, Nan Wiener, Fish Magic, Cathy Dethlefsen

Other photos

The Photos and information below is for members only Membership and password required. Contact to join the league and get access to member only pages.

Many, many photos taken by Asobi!

The following are pages of thumbnails (smaller versions of photos). You can click on each one to see the full-size version of it. Membership required

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