Convention 2006 -- TexSACon Photos

The 167th Convention of
The National Puzzlers' League
San Antonio, TX
July 27-30, 2006

The Offical Con photo


Who was here?

Row 1: Rebel, Charts, Lucis, Eric, Iambic, Voks, (visitor) cafetious, Lunch Boy, Otherwise, I, Hemlock, Tootsie, Sprout

Row 2: Geneac, Aardvark, Codex, nubinamy, 4, Neuromancer, Ditto, Expelliarmus, Bonus, En, Helene, Badir

Row 3: Geneal, Bluff, Naomi Kosman-Wiener, Kiwi, Stewball, Mary Ann, Hot, Rubrick, /dev/joe, PDP, (visitor) Jess Forbess, Elfman

Row 4: Coach, Jo the Loiterer, Banterweight, Fraz, Sluggo, Kegler, Taurus, Wombat, Logic, Murdoch, Hooligan

Row 5: Atlantic, Trazom, Sue++, Sirplus, Groucho, Slik, Al DeSuda, Ed P., Hathor, ¢, Vebrile, Xemu

Row 6: IRBS, Manx, Anomaly, 100 Down, Sidhe, Borax, Poi, Quip, Nelds, George Groth, Junebug, Joker

Row 7: Noam, Tyger, Momus, Uncanny, Willz, Spiel, Lilith, Kray, Fuldu, Spelvin, G Natural, Lucifer

Row 8: Boots, atoz, treacle, Mnemonica, Qaqaq, Toonhead!, T McAy, Jeffurry, Verve, Crax, Wrybosh

Row 9: Pfire, Lyric, Arcs, Wampahoofus, la do la li/ti, Ucaoimhu, Loquacious, camelopard, Saxifrage, Cazique, Oak

Row 10: Gotcha, (baby, hidden) Darwin, Fork, Teki, QED, Tinhorn, Pen Gwyn, D. Ness, Ember, Splinter, Jangler,

Row 11: Dart, Tahnan, Story, Panther, Vroo, Treesong

Row 12: roy, Grendel, cramerica, Artistry, Tablesaw

Not pictured: Dandylion, Emanon, hyperion, (new member from San Antonio) jlo, Sanit, Tenngran, Wolf Gal

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