Tri, Tri Again (chat)

(Introduced by Pfire)

One player begins by presenting a tribond of three items representing a category. The other players may show hands (see Giving Answers) when they figure out the category, but a player should not post the actual category until s/he has created a tribond for a new category. The first element of a new tribond must also fit the category of the previous tribond. The category for the previous tribond and the new tribond are posted on the same line, and the cycle starts over again. An excerpt of the game might go like this:

Orange, Lemon, Tangerine
(Citrus fruits) Lime, Bayou, Anthem
(Words that end with pronouns) Zimbabwe, Mali, Egypt
(African nations) Chad, Earring, Modifier
(Things that dangle) Sword of Damocles, Dammit Janet, Time Warp
(Songs from //The Rocky Horror Show//) Super Heroes, Southern Africa, Vampire
(Things with capes) . . .
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