Articles about the NPL

Here are some articles that have appeared about the NPL, its conventions, its members, and related events.

  • Concouver 2002 received two articles:
    • An article by Local Troller from The Globe and Mail.
    • An article by Mazy from The Ottawa Citizen.
  • Confrancisco 2000 received an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

  • An article about the 1984 US Crossword Championship appeared in Sports Illustrated in July 1984; the three finalists were Arachne, Famulus and Teki. The article is presented here as graphics, so it is quite slow to load:
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Inset graphic accompanying the article

Thanks are due to Sports Illustrated for permission to reprint this piece, and to Tweaser for scanning it in.

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