NPL Online Chat

The members of the NPL regularly chat:

  • Monday from 6:30pm Pacific/9:30pm Eastern
  • Wednesday from 6:30pm Pacific/9:30pm Eastern

Please feel free to come join us even if you are not a member. You will need a Java-capable browser–both Netscape and Internet Explorer will work. For help, or if you have any problems with the chat, contact the NPL

The links below will bring up the NPL chat & games room.

[AOL Instant Messenger]

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is now commonly used by the weekly chats. If you don't have the AIM client, download it at or use the Web interface at Then invite yourself to the NPLKreweChat room with the 'invite to chat' icon at lower left.

If you already have AIM intalled you can get to us by copying aim:GoChat?RoomName=NPLKreweChat into your browser (or having it bookmarked); if the room doesn't exist, this will create it.

While you are in our chat rooms or at a Convention, you may want to play the games. We have compiled the rules for our popular games

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