The E-nigma is still a work in progress here. Some important things (like the solving) aren't working right, yet. / webmaster

The e-Nigma

Crax's groovy e-Sphinx drawing


Welcome to The e-Nigma, the webzine for puzzles too nerdy and computer-oriented for The Enigma. (You probably won't understand what in blazes I'm talking about unless you are already a member of the National Puzzlers' League.)

The e-Nigma is a hyperdocument. I'll try to make sure it looks decent under recent versions of Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I can't promise that everything will be perfect using other browsers. Text-only folks will have a rough go on some of the puzzles. There are a number of links to far-flung sites whose longevity I can't guarantee--caveat surfor. Be warned that many of the puzzles require knowledge of computerese and of specific systems — I'll try to point these out in the Puznotes where appropriate.

What's new

For those of you who remember the old version of the e-Nigma that I put on the Web in '95 (which subsequently vanished), there have been a few changes: Firstly, I've reorganized the layout to make it more logical, and spruced things up graphically a wee bit–big deal. Also, you can now submit your sols and have them checked electronically, and completers can enter their names or noms on an honor role. And, most importantly, there's now a second issue with some new puzzles to solve!

Imagine the possibilities...

Aside from just nerdy computer-oriented puzzles, the on-line nature of the e-Nigma allows things that just wouldn't be possible in dead-tree format. Want a rebus with an audio clip as the rubric? It's possible in HTML. Go wild. I'd love to be able to put out more issues, but I'll need your collective help to make it possible. If you'd like to pitch in and compose; please send your contributions to Xemu.

Submitting sols electronically

This should be pretty self-explanatory; just enter one or more solutions in the boxes provided next to each puzzle, and click one of the “Submit” buttons. You will be brought back to the same page, with your correct answers filled in permanently. Also, the puznotes for puzzles which you solve correctly (which are placed, logically enough, next to the individual puzzles, rather than bunched up at the front) are replaced by afternotes. You'll have another chance to fill in more solutions or correct wrong ones. When you solve all the puzzles (get a “complete,” in the lingo), you can even enter your name in the honor roll–big whoopee.


The e-Nigma isn't going to compete with The Enigma for puzzles; I will generally only publish stuff that by its very nature couldn't appear in The Enigma. I'd also like to say that although the e-Nigma appears on the official NPL site, it's a personal project of mine, so if you hate this stuff, flame me.


The smilin' surfin' sphinx e-Nigma logo above was drawn by my buddy and partner in crime Crax–thanks!

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