Famous Name Finder Additions

[Note: This is a communication to the book’s editor at Random House. It contains commentary and second-guessing on formatting and fact-checking, a necrology since publication, and a list of names that might be considered for inclusion in a next edition.]

OTHER STUFF (*new since last version)

  • Why are page numbers on inside of page?
  • It’s counter-intuitive to list such as the Dixie Chicks and the Spice Girls under the individuals’ names.
  • General note: some parentheses are ital’d (too many to enumerate, random example: 183 Una O’Connor)
  • also: should semicolons be ital’d if between ital’d movie titles? (or are the typesetters lazy here?)
  • Don’t 4-letter prepositions get capitalized in titles? They look very odd l.c.

viii why is "Circa" capitalized? And italic c there should be Roman, with a period

*26 Sydney Biddle Barrows under Biddle?

30 add "congressman" to Sonny Bono?

31 only listing for Joseph Bottoms references his brothers, should be added to theirs

32 add "Everybody Loves Raymond" to Peter Boyle?

61 John Dahl’s birthdate given as 1960s instead of C or c. 196x

66 Need comma at "See Bramlett, Delaney, ß and Bramlett, Bonnie"?

76 Under Edwards, Cliff, song title: Upon?

84 I’d add a/k/a Larry to Laurence Fishburne’s entry; he was often billed that way (Red Heat, e.g.) (also: capitalize With in film title?)

85 Flo & Eddie, same as Delaney and Bonnie (66) – need comma before "and"?

96 Peri Gilpin: put "Frasier" in quotes, TV

98 Add comma to Gooding, Cuba, Jr. (also 286 under CUBA)

102 Lady Jane Grey: should Lady be in bold? I don’t think so….

107 Leigh Harline: "Upon" u.c.?

113 I’d make entry for Pee-wee Herman "See Paul Reubens" and change 204 accordingly

118 Curly, Moe, Shemp Howard missing "brother of" cross-refs

118 Ron Howard entry lacks ref to dad Rance (and someday maybe add brother Clint?), and Rance’s entry should say Father of Ron without the "Howard"

126 David Johansen also actor (Scrooged)

126 Shouldn’t John Pauls go before John, Augustus? With the other Johns?

127 Kristen Johnston: capitalize "From"?

127 Jack Jones missing "son of Allan"

130 Jeffrey Katzenberg: "Disney; Dreamworks SKG" s/b in parens

130 Stacy Keach: add "brother of James"? Why is this so inconsistent?!

131 DeForest Kelley: shouldn’t Star Trek be in Roman and quotes? TV first before movies

134 Kathy Kinney b. 1954 (? – I thought E.T. last week said she was 46, but IMDb says 1954)

139 A note from Trip Payne: I really think it's weird to include "Elia Lamb (Charles Lamb)" -- he was mainly known as Charles Lamb, and Elia was the alias. That's like using "Boz Dickens (Charles Dickens)", I think.

142 Shouldn’t Lawrence (of Arabia) precede Lawrence, Carol?

149 Jennifer Lopez is Mex.-Am.? She’s from the Bronx, isn’t she?

154 Sheila MacRae: add semi-colon after Meredith

158 E.G. Marshall: birth year should have a ? after it; some sources give 1914 instead of 1910

160 Victor Mature: birth year not certain, should add a ?

163 Mary McDonnell: capitalize With?

170 Mr. T: almost certainly not Tereaud, but leave other two

170 Guy Mitchell: also actor; real name might be Cernick

172 add Moody, Helen Wills see Wills, Helen ?

174 Mother Teresa under M?

178 Judd Nelson: lowercase s on Series

183 Chris O’Donnell: move close parens from after [1993] to after The Chamber

187 Gwyneth Paltrow: move close parens from after Bone to end of listing (how’d we miss the Oscar?)

187 Anna Paquin: long dashes O – 1994 – The Piano

190 Bill Paxton: "Helena" divides after the L

190 Octavio Paz: close parens after –1998

190 Peaches & Herb: lose comma after "Francine"?

193 Phoenix, Rain close parens after Rainbow Phoenix (delete comma)

197 Parker Posey: capitalize From?

199 Randy Quaid missing ref to brother Dennis

200 Why is Queen Latifah under Q?

201 Dirk Rambo missing ref to brother Dack

212 Mickey Rourke: IMDb says b. 1953. IMDb also says he studied at Lee Strasberb [sic]. Almanac backs up birth date. Except I made a note that E.T. announced his 43rd birthday in Sep, which means 1956. I’m leaning toward splitting the difference and calling it 1953.

224 Elisabeth Shue: "sister of Andrew"

228 Snoop Doggy Dogg now known as Snoop Dogg

244 Donald Trump – break line executive/financier/ · writer

246 Liv Tyler: Bebe Buell has no listing in book, should be deleted here

251 Donnie and Mark Wahlberg both missing "brother of" references

257 Dottie West missing "mother of Shelly"

267 Daphne Zuniga: IMDb says b. 1963, World Almanac says 1962

302 under HARRY add comma and Jr. to Connick (also, 373 and 375, add commas to Connick, Jr. at CONNICK and GOODACRE)



3 Alice Adams

4 Joey Adams

5 Martin Agronsky

7 Rex Allen

11 John Archer (real last name Bowen? L.A. Times)

15 Hoyt Axton

18 Ian Bannen

32 Paul Bowles (author, composer, poet, translator – not just "writer")

34 Robert Bresson

40 Charlie Byrd

47 Wilt Chamberlain

59 Charles Crichton

59 Quentin Crisp (Ent Wkly says real first name is Denis, but NYT had Dennis)

62 Rick Danko

70 Edward Dmytryk

80 Clifton Fadiman

81 James Farmer

90 Allen Funt

109 Hassan II

111 Joseph Heller

114 George V. Higgins

118 Horst (a/k/a Horst P. Horst)

120 Catfish Hunter

123 Milt Jackson

129 Madeline Kahn

131 DeForest Kelley

132 Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

132 John Kennedy, Jr.

145 Bethel Leslie

160 Victor Mature

161 Curtis Mayfield

170 Guy Mitchell

171 Ashley Montagu

172 Clayton Moore

173 Akio Morita

174 Willie Morris

179 Anthony Newley

190 Walter Payton

199 Mario Puzo

201 Irving Rapper (Br.-Am.? was born in London, came to US as a child)

202 Gene Rayburn

203 Pee Wee Reese

210 Ruth Roman (1923-1999)

218 Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.

219 George C. Scott

220 Glenn T. Seaborg

224 Sylvia Sidney

228 Hank Snow

231 Eddie Stanky

242 Jacobo Timerman

243 Mel Tormé

254 Grover Washington, Jr.

257 Morris L. West

265 Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, 1991-1999 :-)


*6 Carl Albert

*13 Hafez Assad (b. 1930)

*19 Paul Bartel

*23 Tex Beneke

38 Don Budge

*45 Barbara Cartland

*50 Marguerite Churchill

50 Craig Claiborne

*54 Alex Comfort

*80 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

82 Tom Fears

*93 Vittorio Gassman

*95 John Gielgud

*99 Edward Gorey

*103 Alec Guinness

*110 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

*112 Doug Henning

*130 Lila Kedrova

*134 Pee Wee King

*135 Durward Kirby

137 Hedy Lamarr

*139 Tom Landry

144 Bob Lemon

*154 Meredith MacRae (b. 1944)

158 Don Martin

*160 Walter Matthau

*167 David Merrick (b. 1911)

*197 Anthony Powell

*199 Tito Puente

*201 Jean-Pierre Rampal

*206 Maurice Richard

*219 Charles Schulz

*222 Karl Shapiro

*232 Craig Stevens

*243 David Tomlinson

*244 Claire Trevor

*247 Roger Vadim (b. 1928)

*248 A.E. van Vogt

*249 Jim Varney

*266 Loretta Young

267 Elmo Zumwalt (… Zumwalt Jr. [no comma after Zumwalt in NYTimes])


From various sources:

Marv Albert, Paul Azinger, Bruce Babbitt, Ehud Barak, Tony Blair, Luther Burbank, Michael Chang, Peter Cook, Jim Courier, Ben Crenshaw, Lindsay Davenport, Oscar De La Hoya, Dr. Demento, Joseph Fiennes, Jim Fixx, Stephen Fry, Jason Gedrick, John Glover, Buddy Guy, Molly Ivins, Jenny Jones, Hugh Laurie, Greg Maddux, Ricky Martin, Mark Messier, Meshell Ndegeocello, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, Bill Nye, Charles Osgood, John Pankow, Leon Redbone, Al Roker, Mark Russell, Jennifer Saunders, Ben Savage, Laura Schlessinger, John Smith, Sammy Sosa, Jerry Springer, Ryan Stiles, Isiah Thomas, Marilyn Vos Savant, Serena Williams

Not To Mention

Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Lionel Bart, Beth Broderick, Tina Brown, Donald Byrd (the trumpeter and/or the choreographer), Asa Candler, David Chase (né De Cesare), Roy Cohn, Jane Clayson, Enrico Colantoni, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Liam Cunningham, Celia Cruz, Henry Czerny, Alex Désert, Taye Diggs, John Dye, Bob Eberly (né Eberle, brother of Ray), Harry "Sweets" Edison, Terry Farrell, Roy Firestone, Renée Fleming, Megan Follows, Richard Ford, John Hope Franklin, Lucian Freud, Malcolm Gets, Omar Gooding, Ken Griffey, Jr., Bo Gritz, Lani Guinier, Mia Hamm, Clint Howard, Earle Hyman, Spike Jonze (né Adam Spiegel, a/k/a Richard Koufay, married to Sofia Coppola), Ani Kavafian, Ida Kavafian, Mimi Kennedy, Tom Kite, Ali Landry, Dorothea Lange, A.J. Langer, Wallace Langham, Jaime Laredo, Jonathan Larson, Ali Larter, Sharon Lawrence, Lucy Liu, John Lynch, Jena Malone, Mark McEwen, Ted McGinley, Tim Meadows, Christa Miller, Jonny Lee Miller, Shannon Miller, Alfred Molina, Julie Moran, Phil Morris, Tahj Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Tia Mowry, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Elise Neal, Robb Nen, Hideo Nomo, Jana Novotna, Patrick O’Brian, Sara Paretsky, Paula Jai Parker, Sydney Penny, Monica Potter, Vladimir Putin, Ingo Rademacher, Bob Rae, Amy Ray, Caroline Rhea, Pilar Rioja, J.K. Rowling, Paul Rudd, Emily Saliers, Liev Schreiber, Jon Seda, Mona Simpson, Aaron Sorkin, Dina Spybey, Elvis Stojko, Tilda Swinton, Eric Thal, Maura Tierney, Tony Todd, John Kennedy Toole, Dawn Upshaw, Elena Valova, Anne Sofie von Otter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Rachel Weisz, Michael Jai White, Roy Wilkins, Mara Wilson

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