1981 Convention of the National Puzzlers' League

Pictures From the 1981 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo.

Standers (Male): Blackstone, Tachyon, Machiavelli, Uniqorn, Atlantic, 144, Double-H, Numbers, Ajax, Mr. Lolita, Mr. Brutus

Standers (Female): Hex, Brutus, Faro, Gadjet, Ginger Ella, April^Òs Child, Mrs. Blackstone, Louli, Mangie, Lolita, Break, Ditto, Anemone, Nightowl, Mrs. Hart King, Rho, Mrs. George Groth Holding Miss Groth, Sidewalk, Philana

Sitters: George Groth, Senor, Dikdik, Faro, Hart King, Hap, Knotsmith Squatters: Eric, Hex, Willz, Merlin, Brian Saper, Manx, Random Walk, Treesong, Quip, Mercury

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