1982 Convention of the National Puzzlers' League

143rd Con
Indianapolis, IN
July 16-18, 1982

Official convention photo

(photo taken in Crawfordsville, IN)

Standing back: Mr. Meo, Senor, Newrow, Grinch, Box Camera, faRO, Hap, Ajax, Tweaser, Atlantic, Bedad, Alf, Hart King

Standing front: Meo, Roy, Helene, W?N, Shrdlu, Dada, Lyle Shortz, Nightowl, Mrs. Tweaser, Blackstone, Ulk, Mop, Louli, Agnes Tiszai, Laszlo Tiszai, Manx

Seated: Miss Roy, Mrs. Roy, FAro, Philana, Ceres, Era, Eos, Gadjet, Mangie, Rainbow, Mrs. George Groth holding Miss Groth, Elf, Mrs. Grinch, Friday 13, Wilma Shortz

Grounded: April's Child, Larry, Famulus, Eric, Mercury, Spurs, George Groth, Treesong, Willz, Bafana

Note: For security reasons, the Con photos and details can only be accessed by NPL members with a username and password. You can get a password by e-mailing the Treasurer.

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