11 Seek (chat)

A moderator chooses an entry in 11C and lists words that can be found in the entry's definitions. Players try to guess the entry. This game has been known as 9 Seek and 10 Seek in the past.

In the convention variant of this game, the a moderator chooses a word and players guess an 11C entry that contains the word somewhere in the definition. The entry chosen must be in the main body (i.e. not one in the biographical or geographical sections) and may not be a form of the target word. This 11 Seek version is essentially a thematic variation on Anti-Match Game.

12 Seek is a noncompetitive variant of the second 11 Seek version. It was suggested by Ucaoimhu. The moderator presents a “word” and players respond with “entries” whose definitions might contain the word in the next edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Neither the moderator's word nor the players' entries have to be existing dictionary words-in fact, invented words that speculate on possible technological innovations or cultural tends around the time of the 12C's publication are strongly encouraged. If the moderator started with “u-mail,” the players might respond with “bounce,” “self-cc,” e-gomaniac,” “Leonardshelbyism,” etc. After the players reveal their entries, the moderator lists the “correct answers,” e.g. a combination of the submitted entries the moderator liked best along with any ideas for entries the moderator thought up.

See also RH2 (chat) and Wikipedia-Seek (chat).

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