Anti-Match Game (chat, con)

A moderator compiles a short quiz, usually five questions. Each question should have a multiple correct answers, say four to eight for smaller groups and ten to sixteen for larger groups. The group takes the quiz and scores 1 point for each correct answer, plus 1 additional point for every other person in the group who came up with the same answer. Incorrect and omitted answers are worth 10 points each. The player with the lowest score is the winner.

Quizzes may be thematic (geography, entertainment, sports) or have a variety of subject matter. In the chat version, answers are usually given after each question using synchronized reveal (see Giving Answers in the introduction), and all players score themselves.

Scoring Variations: The base score for correct answers may be 0, instead of 1. The incorrect answer penalty may be the total number of players (for smaller groups) or 5 + the highest correct answer score (for larger groups), instead of 10.
A “potluck” variation is popular for chat room play. Each player writes one question and acts as moderator for one round.
See also: 11 Seek (chat)
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