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TERMINAL DELETION: A word is changed to a new one by removing its first and last letters.
Example: ONE = foregone, TWO = Oregon.


I knew my son would be a TALL
When he was very small,

For when I put him in his SMALL

He doodled on the wall.

WORD DELETION: A word removed from inside a longer one leaves a third word.
Example: TOTAL = performance; ONE = man, TWO = perforce.

The length is given only of the longest (TOTAL) word.


I ate at seven, felt TOTAL by ten.

I doubt if I'll INSIDE eat OUTSIDE again.

I TWO the praise of any soul

With knowledge of a ONE like this.

I've just an ALL–so on the whole

I'm glad that ignorance is bliss.

CHARADE: A word is broken into two or more shorter words.
Example: TOTAL = scarcity; ONE = scar, TWO = city. The length is given only of the long word.

8. CHARADE (10)

My migraine was pounding; I needed some rest.

“There's WHOLE,” said my FIRST, “in the medicine chest.”

The SECOND on all of the labels looked blurred.

I took one at random and promptly got THIRD.

LETTER CHANGE: One letter is changed in a word to make a new one.
Example: ONE = pastry, TWO = pantry (a third-letter change).


Our baby had colic, and ONE all the day.

No sound's ever TWO it, I'm happy to say.


His mood was indicative, her voice purely passive;

He grew more explicative, her boredom grew massive.

To his ONE, she said, “Somehow I feel it's not you

I'm looking for,” ending their date with a TWO.

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