Even More Puzzles in Verse

TRANSPOSAL: A word or phrase becomes a different one when its letters are rearranged.
Example: ONE =sleuth, TWO = hustle.


Listen, old fellow, my FIRST you may be,
But that gives you no right to pry.
You've plenty of crust, it is easy to see–
Why, you're even SECOND than I!

12. TRANSPOSAL (8, 5 3)

Their salad is Caesar,
But please hold the crouton–
They're the FIVE THREE.
Their fruit is the kiwi,
Their EIGHT is a futon–
They're the FIVE THREE.

They're as chic as you get,
SSTs, not the jet–
They're the FIVE THREE.

LETTER BANK: From the “bank” of letters contained in the short word, which has no repeated letters, a longer word is formed using all the letters at least once and as many more times as needed.
Examples: ONE = lens, TWO = senselessness. ONE = field, TWO = fiddledeedee.

13. LETTER BANK (6, 9)

A SECOND broke a hundred knees And FIRST along in her unease.

14. LETTER BANK (6, 10)

I work for an importing firm That sells exotic birds.
Our president loves cockatiels
And tries to teach them words.

Our lawyers love the parrots
How their talking gives them thrills.
But our LONGERs hate the SHORTERs:
They've no use for those big bills!

HETERONYM: Two words or phrases have the same spelling but different pronunciations and meanings.
Example: ONE = notable, TWO = not able.

Asterisks indicate capitalized words.

15. HETERONYM (2 9; 3, *3 5)

Adam said, “I'll take this film to FIRST,” and off went he.
Jumping out of SECOND off to case the apple tree.

16. HETERONYM (3 5, *8)

In fourteen hundred ninety-two,
Columbus gasped, “I'm lost! I'm through!”

FIRST mounted as he turned quite green:
“What will I tell the SECOND queen?”

HOMONYM: Two unrelated words or phrases are pronounced the same but spelled differently.
Example: ONE = hair, TWO = hare.

17. HOMONYM (6, 7)

Sweet to die for country?
The FIRST did not agree.
He SECOND in the bushes
Till it was safe to flee.

18. HOMONYM (6, 6)

Lambs who ONE on the green may get caught on a thorn;
Lambs who TWO on green tables get caught and then shorn.

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