Yet More Puzzles in Verse

SPOONERGRAM: A phrase becomes another phrase when the initial sounds in the words are swapped.
Example: ONE = Morse code, TWO = course mowed.

19. SPOONERGRAM (6 6, 7 7)

His radio excitedly reported, “There's a sighting:
A UFO is just above and seems to be alighting!”
“Oh, dear, I'm all undressed and washed; this one last task, then bed.
I can't go out to see the FIRST, alas,” the SECOND said.

20. SPOONERGRAM (6 3, 5 6)

No farce is Wagner's Ring; it is a ONE
Of music, drama. Fearful deeds are done.
The hero, Siegfried, battles mighty odds,

And TWO are played on dwarfs and men by gods.

REBUS: A word or phrase is represented by letters, numbers, or symbols. The word “abalone”–read as “a B alone”–might be represented by:


And the phrase “damper sand”–read as “D, ampersand”–might be represented by:


21. REBUS (12)


     T = T

My holiday plans have been ruined this year;
I was going to go to the south. But my ANSWER's bill took all my savings away;
Why should he, then, look down in the mouth?

22. REBUS (*6 *4 2 *3)

An F on its side T/IO

See Fred and Ginger southward wing–
In ANSWER they both dance and sing.

ENIGMA: A word or phrase is clued indirectly, as in a riddle.

23. ENIGMA (8)

My first half says I'm one alone,
My second that I'm many;
That's paradoxical, I own–
Makes little sense, if any.

But even worse is yet in store,
For when my halves combine,
Behold! not one, not two or more,
But everything is mine.

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