Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 1999


January's puzzle note for 36 accidentally renamed Wally Berger as Wally Berman. (And that was not the rubric for Dec 3.)

33–More of a clarification than an erratum, but still: this is a two-part charade, with cuewords FOE and SEE YA (at least one person thought SEE and YA were separate cuewords, which is not the case).

66–*4 should perhaps be *1*1*1*1. Additionally, bracket the 5 6 (though it's not MW usage).

69–*8 should be *7. Should have one of those “non-MW material in rubric and reading” tags…in case you hadn't figured that out by now.

74–By Wabbit/Ucaoimhu.


F-1–In clue 12, change “genus” to “group”.

X-2–30-Across is apparently not in all NI2s.

In the October Solver's Report, Bill Hess solved with D.Ness and Sue++.


1–MAJOR = 10C-findable.

3–Enumeration should read (*7, 6).

12–BEFOUL = NI3 pronunciation.

17–Tag should read (both NI3).

41—LONG is in fact 10C.

46–CA was left out of the byline.

55-56–An “i” seems to have been left out of “Hispaniola”.

70–Penultimate line should read “an ass”, not “a ass”.

F-4–This is a double right Cambridge hexagon…in case that second set of clues didn't tip you off.


15 – Superscript the ”+” sign.

17 – Trazom writes: A common misapprehension, alas. Mimi is not a trochee but an iamb (“Mi chiamano Mimi” = “Iamb Mimi”).

23 – By Tyger/G Natural.

32 – Enumeration should be 12.

63 – “Jimmy” in lines 7 and 9 should also be “Jimmie”. Also, many people wrote in, thinking they'd discovered a different error in this flat. They were mistaken. Are you?

65 – B is a bit confusing to tag, but – drop the asterisk in the verse, add a caret to the 13 in the enumeration. (What we're trying to say is that it's an uncapitalized word that's capitalized here because it's in the name of that course. Ah, I feel much better now that I just said it.)

And the Jan. 56 solution words should be capitalized.


R-5 – should be a reversed SECOND-to-fifth changeover.

R-17 – the _4_ should be 4. Those of you who're regular e-mail users might not even have noticed that. (And for those of you who don't have e-mail, you see, you can't underline things in e-mail, so one way of signifying underlining is to surround a word _thus_.)

X-4 – clue 7 should have “Wring”, not “Wring's”.


Forms article – the Pygmy hourglass notation turns out to be incorrect and impossible to fix via the given notation (since it's different orders horizontally and vertically), for those of you keeping track of such things. The rest of you, don't worry about it. Oh, and “Pygmy” should've been capitalized throughout the article, as the form takes its name from its originator: an NPLer, nom of Pygmy.

15 – *6 *12 should be bracketed.

19 – this is a SUNMHER, not a SUNHMER.

20 – That “ae” in the last line should be c-with-accent-aigu. Apparently that character gets screwed up in translation to web pages, which is where I checked the spelling. (Not that it affects solving.)

52 – just a clarification, but it did confuse at least one person: the cueword for 11 is BATMAN FOREVER, not just BATMAN.

59 – Rather minor, but just in case anyone was feeling paranoid, that hyphen should be between FOURTH and SOUND, not SOUND and CHANGE.

70 – 3 is apparently not in all 10Cs.

72 – tag should specify which partword is hyphenated; it's B.

X-2 – Length rule waived. (Darn right I can waive it! I'm the editor, ha ha! Besides, I needed more lines to fill that column.)

Finally, please reinstate periods at the end of line 6 in flats 20 and 62.


In Twisto's article, p. 2, paragraph 4, “joined” should be “rejoined”.

As for the easy list, I don't know what the hell happened there. It looks fine on my screen, but…anyway, it should start “First, all the flats are placed…” It is not a rubric, I repeat, not a rubric.

13–In line 1, “et” should be “est”.

16–Indent the 2nd and 4th lines . . . this is a four-line verse that starts with two really long lines.

49–Capitalize first word of line 4.

53–Comma after “noteworthy”.

57–In line two, ”. . . all us of heck” should be ”. . . all of us heck”.

58–Add “the” before “headstones”.

64–*6 = RH2.

68–Should nod to May 49, not April.

And F-8 is, “of course”, double.

Oh, and depluralize the solution to the phrase in April 64.


In Treesong's article, p. 2, line 4, ADP should be AMP.

Penetralia–obviously the dates for sending in solutions should be pushed forward two months.

2–Tag should be 3 = not MW usage.

5–Add commas to the end of the first two lines.

6–The transposal really ought to be separately numbered; let's call it 6a.

And along the same lines . . . 8–The first flat 8 is in reality flat 7.

10–FEAR = NI2.

15–Letter size is not rubrical.

24–Change “thing” to “think” in line 3.

32–POP is in some 10Cs.

61–Indent second half of line 6.

70–Brackets should be parentheses.

X-2–In clue 10, “mehitabel” shouldn't be capitalized.

X-3–20 Down is NI3.

In the answer section, the comment at the end of X-4 should read “In the grid as 'smile,' in the shape of a smile.” The quote, by the way, is “Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.”

Also, as regards the Identity Crisis, two things. First, Hot coined the name, not 100 Down, as I misremembered. Second, my example last month was wrong: the words “laxness” and “Laxness” are not homophones. A better example of an Identity Crisis (or, as we almost called it, a homophonous Heteronym With Equivalent Word Breaks–catchy, right?) would be, say, just “bat” (as a baseball implement) and “bat” (as a creepy flying thing). Or “rob” (as in what cutpurses do) and “Rob” (as in the wacky Mr. Petrie).

Alert readers will probably have noticed that there was one word too many in the hint to Trazom's June 35 . . . “mouse” was from an earlier version of the flat, and didn't appear in the printed version. And yes, that was the unannounced hidden contest, and a winner has been selected, so please stop sending me mice.


10 – Tag should say SPOT.

37 – “SIX EIGHT” should be “SIX/EIGHT”.

40 – 9 = NI2, 10C-inferable.

I did it again – there are two flat 47s. This ain't rubrical; just call the second one 47a.

50 – *4 = not MW usage, technically.

74 – Bracket the enumeration.

Finally, in the answer for June's C-6, “kind” should be “king”.


12 – NI2 material in rubric.

31 – Second stanza, line three should end in a period.

35 – Tag should read RARE ADE.

CF-6 – “To TWO” in line 4 should be “ToTWO” (no space).

CF-19 – No period after “bookish laws”.

F-4 – Change “The” to “A”.

C-7 – OLD should be ODL.

June solving stats – Ember's kudos list is actually his *July* kudos list, misfiled amongst the Junes. Subtract one kudo from those flats.

In July solutions, change:

  • 23: bonita to bonito;
  • 27: amenograph to anemograph;
  • 71: pinneapple to pineapple;
  • C-2: Iloiol to Iloilo.


18 – Add a tag: (NI3 word, but not in rubric or sol.)

31 – Something seems to have gone wrong somewhere in the course of the various file format translations this rebus went through, and it didn't get caught until too late in the printing process. A better reproduction will appear in November (and probably earlier than that, on the NPL website).

35 – After saying I put a semicolon in the enumeration in the puzzle notes, it turns out I actually left it out. Anyway, it's (4, 7; 7).

49 – Oddly, the definition for [8 11] is not the same in all 10Cs, so your definition may not fit the cluing exactly.

F-2 – Form B's 10-Down turns out to be one of those words that's not in all versions of NI2.

C-3 – G Natural has not in fact moved out of Brooklyn.



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