Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2005


38: The solution may not be in all NI3 ’s

44: The 8 isn't intended to be over to the right the way it seems to be. The answer is NI3 usage.

X1, X2: These are reruns of December's X3 and X4.


There is an extraneous hyphen in line two of flat 32. (Sorry, Xemu.)


KU-2 - Should be in quotation marks, not underlined.

C5 - There should be a space after MKDEG.


  • KUR-1: The pronunciation actually is 11C-legitimate.
  • R-7: *5 = not MW; 9 = NI3.
  • R-18: The close quote could reasonably go after the blank instead of before it.
  • C-5: *GNOME is NI3.


An important May erratum: One flat contains TETCBN.


  • Afternote for April #3: The genus is Eranthus, of course, not Ranunculus (though Ranunculus is also a buttercup genus).
  • 58: The enumeration should be underlined.
  • X-9: The two trigrams stuck together should be separate.
  • Solution to April X-9: “replace,” not “remove.”
  • Afternote to R-3: Late *Show* with David Letterman, of course.
  • The afternote for R-19 is actually for R-20.
  • X-1: I didn't make the shading in this grid dark enough, so it didn't come through clearly. The idea that each 2×2 block of grid squares represents one square on the chessboard, so every other 2×2 block should be shaded gray. The shading is not essential to the solution, except insofar as it helps the grid mirror an actual chessboard and helps solvers stay oriented.
  • June 33: Should be tagged “rubric contains abbr.”


  • July 7: *1 *2 *3 should be *1 ^2 *3.
  • July 61: SIX FOUR = NI2+.
  • July C-7: JYKDQZWX should be JYKDQZXW.


With thanks to Wrybosh, Treesong, Rubrick, Ucaoimhu, Kray, Pebbles, Codex, and Squonk:

  • Easy list: #27 is not easy. Not in my book, anyway. I intended to mark #30 as belonging on the easy list.
  • KU-1: Sunnyvale, not Sunnydale. Rubrick doesn't hunt vampires, as far as I know. This is not rubrical.
  • CF-17: Somewhere along the line, we lost the rubric! The PDF has the missing rubric.
  • CF-35: The caret next to “Chest” is extraneous.

June sols:

  • #38 should be “cuter one sunder. bat, O pub ELO wit [cut E; R on E, S under B atop U below it]
  • #42 should read Robert Green Ingersoll.

Editorially yours,




With thanks to Wrybosh, Treesong, Badir, Wabbit, and Abacus:

  • The flat #64 between #4 and #5 is a result of careless cutting and pasting. Consider it flat #4A; there's nothing rubrical about it.
  • #6: OUTER = phrase usage
  • #7: D = *
  • #8: Arguably, EIGHT and TEN should have been SEVENed and EIGHTed, with enumerations of 7 and 8.
  • #17: Not enigmatic.
  • #20 is a repeat of July #55.
  • #26: In the last line, “coast” should be “cost.” (Not the cueword COAST, the word in the verse.)
  • #32: Not that it affects solving, but EIGHT should really be NINE.
  • #58: Reading includes abbr.
  • X-12: IEC didn't get itself realphabetized properly, but it has the correct letters.

Editorially yours,



With thanks to Abacus, Pebbles, and Philana:

68: Reading contains abbr.
C-7: EHAOKWB = *, not quite MW usage
In the solution to September X-1, “addressed” should be “addressee.”

Editorially yours,



With thanks to Treesong and Philana –

8 - Add an “and” before “race” in line one.
57 - First 7 should be *; reading includes coinage.
60 - Second 8 in enumeration and tag should be 9.
62 - Tag should be (one answer = + usage).
X-5 - Only the '^5' should be underlined.

Editorially yours,


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