Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2009


Page 5 — Apologies to Rubrick, whose clue “Unwavering partisan figure embraces long conflict” was misattributed to Treesong.
22 — More precisely, this is a welded metathesis.
52 — The rubric should be in capital letters.


35 — In line 7, “brought” should be “bought”.
54 — 2’1 is inferable, and it commits The Error That Cannot Be Named (but I’ll name it anyhow): it contains a verb that is in the verse.


19 — Though DEAD BODY is 10 in RH2, it's 7 3 in most other sources.


No errata reported so far.


No errata reported so far.


9 — A = 12W.
11 — Reading has music jargon, including an NI3 abbreviation.
C-7 — VWRBU = not MW.


43 — ONE is NI3 but not MW usage.
58 — The enumeration is out of order; it should be (*9, *6, *5-*4, 6).
X-3, X-4 — To clarify how a turnquote works: Form the answer one letter at a time by taking the leftmost available letter from any of the three rows. Once a letter is drawn, cross it out; the next letter in the row becomes available for subsequent draws. Two or more letters may be drawn in succession from the same row.


Page 6 — One member of the winning team for “Beat Poetry” should be Obelix, not Obelisk.
Page 7 — Wabbit and R/EDS were co-hosts of the Montreal convention.
31 — The rubric involves abbreviations and non-MW material.


One September flat has TETCBN, owing to a pesky pronoun.
8 — To clarify how a three-part altered state works, here’s an example: spa, sky, sin.
21 — Group members are not MW or not MW usage. Also, the cueword CLAY should be CLOY in order to be exemplary.


Page 8 — The afternote for Aug. X-3 should have been for X-9. And Steven, not Stephen, Chu is the secretary of energy.
X-6 — There should be thick bars at the bottoms of squares 22 and 25.


Page 1 — “Comedy or Tragedy?” is Squonk’s fourth annual mini-extravaganza.
11 — NI2 has a broader definition of TWO that covers the usage here.
X-6 — Apologies to Lirath: his vertical anaquote was misattributed to Geneal.


F-4, F-5, F-6 — A clarification: Each of these is a normal 2x2x2 cube with threefold symmetry, i.e., the same answers read Across, Down, and Through. Hence it follows this pattern:

A B | B C
B C | C D

Each cell contains a pentagram; the sol consists of three overlapping 10-letter words (namely, AB, BC, and CD).

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