How to lookup words that fit in your form

Form Friend will search a word list for you to find words that will fit in the current slot. To do this, you must be connected to the Internet, since the lookup is done across the net.


Make sure that you have the host name and port for the Form Friend server correctly specified. See the options page for more information on how to specify these. If you have a dial-up connection to the internet, make sure you are currently dialled in.

Looking up a word

Suppose you have filled in the following partial form:

You now want to find words that fit in the longest slot–the word currently ending ”-est”. Press Ctrl-F, or choose “Edit→Lookup words that fit”. You should see the following dialog:

On the left is a scrollable list of the words that were found. Only fifty are returned at a time; this is to reduce the load on the server. If you want more words, just press the “Get more words” button, and another fifty will be returned.

You can select any of the words by clicking on it; it will then show up in the text field above the list. If you now press the “OK” or “Apply” buttons that word will be placed in the current word in the form.

If you choose Cancel, you will be returned to the form without any changes being made.

Filling the form automatically

If you choose Forms→Choose new form shape, Form Friend will try to construct a form using whatever letters you have filled in. It will stop when it finds one and ask you if you want to find another, or to save the current one.

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