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I initially learned about the NPL when I attended the 20th Annual Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford. WILLz mentioned the organization during one of his talks, and I tracked down Lunch Boy over the weekend. We talked briefly, and he gave me a copy of the minisample.

After introducing my brother-in-law to the Enigma, he joined the NPL about a year later, choosing the nom Rashi. Sadly, he has since let his membership lapse.



5337 calculator styleThe nom 5337 is simply my surname “Lees” upside down, as you can see in the logo I used when I did consulting work. I realized this many years ago in high school while playing with a Texas Instruments calculator. (Remember those games where you would spell Shell Oil upside-down?)
The other interesting and coincidental thing about the nom is that it also spells my surname on a standard telephone. (Visually push the buttons on the right for 5337…you get Lees on one of the diagonals.) My wife was the one to realize this soon after we married and she ended up with my surname.Lees Telephone style

Pretty cool and perhaps a unique combination. However, a few generations ago the name was Lisansky. None of this works with Lisansky…


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