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I was recruited by Spelvin to join the ACRONYM Mystery Hunt team, run by Saxifrage and populated by numerous other krewe (Cazique, Tablesaw, Artistry, Slik, T McAy, Wombat, Lunch Boy, Otherwise, Qaqaq, Codex…) These folks were all so awesome and we had so much fun… through their encouragement, along with Vu who was my roomate at the time, I just had to join. But most of the credit goes to Spelvin who wouldn't stop bugging me till I sent in the check.

First Issue: Nov 2003


I've recruited three members - Arcs, Fred Gay and Kelly Zimmerman (the last two of which are both new members who haven't picked noms yet.)


After my first hunt with ACRONYM I had decided I wanted to join the NPL but I couldn't decide on a nom. I emailed my ACRONYM teammates asking for suggestions. Of the five people that replied, three responded with the same suggestion: Stringbean (I am tall and skinny). I wasn't thrilled with it but I did like how it was my first NPL contacts who gave it to me so I wanted to use it somehow. After a bit of wordplay, if you anagram Stringbean you can get “Brat Ensign”, which is clearly Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've been a ST:TNG nerd my whole life, so this was perfect, combining ACRONYMs suggestion, word play, and a lifetime hobby. So now I'm Wesley.


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