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After 3 years of attending Stamford and being beset by all these oddballs with funny names waving copies of this silly little minisample thing, I finally succumbed. 100 Down probably ought to get credit since he was the one to whom I was speaking when I wrote the check, but all the NPLers at Stamford were the reason I joined. I found the minisample, well, simplistic; I joined because I dug hanging out till all hours with all these people playing all kinds of games. Obviously I've glommed onto The Enigma as well - I started solving and constructing puzzles right away, and have sunk deep into flat addiction.

First Issue: Mar 1998




HETERONYM (4,*4; *1 *1*1*1*1*1*1*1) (TWO = non-MW)

I've picked a nom of little note
To pitch a first impression;
It's just my name, toned up a bit
To hint at my profession.

And as a help I've writ a flat
To show I'm no pretender,
Submitted for approval in
Heteronymic splendor:

A Russian entymologist
Described a find, ecstatic:
"A rare ONE-mountain born" - he kissed
And hugged me - so dramatic.
=TWO, Brooklyn NY

(published in the June 1998 Enigma)

The explanation, for those who haven't figured it out yet: my first name is Greg, from which I got “G reg.” (reg. as in “regular”). Since I am a musician, I substituted “natural” for “regular”, natural being the term for a pitch (or tone, as I hint in the flat) in its “regular” state.



  • 1st Vice President (2008 - present)
  • 2nd Vice President (2004 - 2007)
  • Editor, UE3 (unmentionable)

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