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First Issue: Nov 2002


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I guess you could say the story started in '94 when I worked at Games Magazine. I worked with a bunch of NPL members, but had no clue of it at the time. It wasn't until years later when I ran into a few of them at the Mystery Hunt 2002. After having fun with all these people time and time again, it seemed the obvious thing was to join. Then of course was the problem of coming up with a nom.

I liked the idea of having a symbol, and since I'm an art director it would be kind of like “the artist formerly known as Prince”. ¢ is based on my first name, “Marcy”, It's phonetic and definition combined… To create it you “mar c”.

What I didn't realize until my first Con was that I would have to answer everyone's questions of how to pronounce it, “is it 'cents', 'the cent sign,' 'the cent symbol,' etc.?” I eventually decided on “cents” because I liked the double meaning with “sense”.

Oh, and if you're on a Mac, it's option 4.


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