Caspian got introduced through the sample Enigma on the web; I very much enjoyed the sample variety cryptic, but the flats didn't appeal to me, so I didn't sign up. Caspian had been the cryptic crossword editor at the Puzzle Depot web site, and I had recently become his co-writer; he was very enthusiastic about trying to get us published, and thought this might be a good way to broaden our contacts. So I followed in his footsteps and signed up one month after he did. Unfortunately, for reasons Caspian's never felt the need to explain to me, he seemed to burn out on puzzles shortly after that; he doesn't seem to be into either solving or constructing any more. He did not renew his membership. I still don't much care for flats, but I like the cryptics. More importantly, Panache had a “mini-con” at his house shortly after I joined, and I greatly enjoyed it. I have since attended several of these, and although the crowd is not all NPL, I owe my participation to joining the NPL, so I'm forever grateful to Caspian.

First Issue: Oct 1995




My other main hobby is bowling (kegling). [. . .] I chose the name Kegler when Caspian started giving me half-credit for the puzzles; they appeared as “by Caspian and Kegler” before either of us joined the NPL.


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