I heard about NPL from a book. You will recall that somebody famous said that nobody was ever corrupted by a book.


I forget the exact title, but it was something like “Unusual Hobbies”. Anyway, I sent off for the sample and am still solving.

I called our local library to see if I could determine the name of the “hobbies” book that led me to NPL, but it's going to be difficult. One possiblity: Incredible collections, weird antiques, and odd hobbies, a paperback published in 1971 and 1973 by Warner. Lincoln PL doesn't have it. If any of you have access to very large library systems, could you see if they have this and check for an NPL entry? If there is, I guess I'll claim “Incredible” as the source.

Source: npl-folk emails from Askew.

First Issue: Dec 1981



When I first joined NPL, my initials were sqw. I chose askew for my nom because, in addition to acting as a rebus, it also fits my jumpy, absent-minded personality.

My initials are now sqd. I considered changing my nom to “skewed”, but decided I liked “askew” better. Seems kinder and gentler.


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