I was introduced to the League through Dart. My first year was actually a gift subscription from Dart after we had worked on some puzzles in The Enigma.

We attended Con 2001 in New Jersey which where I got my first real exposure to the Krewe. Dart and I invited the League to Concouver (2002). With Dart, Witz and Andreas, I was then a co-host for Concouver.

First Issue: 2000-09-01



Dart found his nom on his own, and mine was selected to compliment his; in mathematics (Dart's field) there is a “Penrose Tiling” made up of a dart and kite. Since I had no particular inspiration for a nom, Kite seemed to be a good choice. If we ever get around to composing puzzles, our combinom is Penrose. Several people (Xemu and Hot, I believe) composed Penrose tiled puzzles for ConCouver.

Kite (photo by Tyger)
Photo at ConCouver by Tyger


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  • NPL Webmaster, (2002 - )
  • Co-Con host of ConCouver, 2002, Vancouver BC with Andreas, Witz and Dart.

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