Sanit: I distinctly remember seeing a two-page spread with some flats and info on joining the NPL. However, at the 1997 con several of us went through back issues of Games for the relevant period (I joined in 1989) and couldn't find any such article. So this may be a case of false-memory syndrome. Or perhaps the article was in another publication, like Four-Star Puzzler (was it still around then?) or one of the Dell Champion magazines.

Meki: The “Pencilwise” insert to Games of Oct/Nov 89 carries a two page spread of riddles by various NPL members. It seems certain that this is the article that recruited Sanit.




People often misread or miswrite my surname (Hoylman) by interchanging the third and fourth letters. If you perform the same transformation on my nom, its derivation should be clear.




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