Although I wasn't yet an MIT student, I came up to Cambridge for the MIT Mystery

Hunt in 1998 and 1999, joining Sprout's team through a mutual friend. Although Sprout threatened to get me a gift subscription to The Enigma,

I took little notice and was caught totally off-guard when the first issue

arrived in my mailbox. At the 2000 Mystery Hunt, I attached a lot of

faces to noms, and I've been renewing on my own ever since.

First Issue: May 1998



I initially chose the nom Splevin after playing George Spelvin

in Christopher Durang's “The Actor's Nightmare”; I figured it was

pretty unique last name and it had been a favorite role for me.

I only found out later that George Spelvin is actually a traditional

pseudonym for actors… making it even more appropriate for me, a

theatre person, to use it as a pseudonym in the NPL.


No data.


  • Secretary (2008 - present)

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