For those that like introductory stories, Teki, Meki (now Lucifer), and I worked for the same company for many years. I happened to be working in Teki's office when he had an Enigma – with the answers written in for all but two puzzles – ones he and Meki wrote (separately, I believe, but they may've been co-written with each other or another Krewe).

I got one sol in a “reasonable” time … it used a word for a kind of soil well-known in Texas. That was the encouragement. The other one drove me crazy and wasted my time for many hours until I put it aside. That was the bit of reality … but luckily it didn't faze me. I finally asked Meki for the answer and he tried to hint me but I think he finally ended up telling me. Anyway, soon I was in an office near Meki, and with his encouragement ended up getting my subscription. My heartfelt thanks to both of them. Again and again !

First issue: Jul 1995

Source: npl-folk email from Ariadne.


Puffin (July 2008).


My given name is Phaedra. Ariadne is Phaedra's mythological sister, and also helped Theseus get out of Minotaur's maze and so is somewhat associated with solving puzzles.


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