I joined the NPL in the early '70s with a very forgettable nom, and was active as both a composer and solver and Princeton convention attendee. I found the NPL through a library search, but it's been too long for me to remember which reference book contained the NPL. I do remember that it was a large, multi-volume reference of some sort. [From a later email:] I have now relearned the identity of the library reference in which I first found the League back at the beginning of the '70s: “Encyclopedia of Associations” by Gale. I brought in another member, Coleus, who participated as a solver for quite a number of months before dropping out. A year or so after that, my day-to-day interests had changed enough that I dropped out too. I rejoined in the '90s shortly after I started constructing crosswords for the NYT et al., because of the substantial number of crossword constructors who are also NPLers. Now I'm a Stamford ACPT regular, where I'm both a judge and constructor of one of the tournament puzzles. Much fun.

Source: emails from Meerkat.

First Issue: Feb 1972



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