Very soon after I started working for Unisys in October 1992, I was in the cafeteria for lunch and observed Momus getting so much enjoyment from his “mail” that he could totally ignore his friends who were with him. When I asked what was so good, he immediately gave me a 'mini-sample.' Within another few minutes I had written my check and was soon a member.

First Issue: Oct 1992



I coined the name Geneac-II several years ago for a company I formed for the purpose of teaching people how to research their own family tree. The name combines gen (for genealogy) and eac which honors the early computers of my youth. (I stuck the II on the end to ensure that I was not using a name that someone else might possibly have already used.) The evolution of computers has done so much for genealogy research that this hobby may even be overtaking all others as number one in the United States. And, we owe it all to the Eniac, Univac, et al.

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