While working cryptic crosswords in a collection, I was continually struck by the ingeniousness of the clues in puzzles by Rebecca Kornbluh (Arachne) and Henri Picciotto (Hot). I googled those names and found Hot's puzzle page. I wrote him a fan e-mail (fanny-mail?) wherein I asked for advice for a novice cryptic constructor. His reply: Join NPL!

First Issue: May 2003


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The path to “Amalgam” is rather tortuous….. My initials are EGB. I am a professional musician. In music, the notes E-G-B spell an e-minor triad. In German (a language I studied), e minor would be “e-moll,” for which “a mal” is an approximate homophone. Add “gam,” short for “games” (a nod to NPL), and combine the elements to get “amalgam,” one of whose definitions in 10C is “a mixture of different elements.” (Which I guess describes me as well.)


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