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GAMES Magazine annual calendar of events (1995 Convention) —> JrMan

Feel free to investigate who on the staff of GAMES suggested including the 1995 NPL convention in their calendar.

First Issue: Jul 1995




I attended the 1995 Portland convention as a non-member, and began thinking about a nom then. An attractive choice (from my point of view) was “Jr.” (pronounced Junior), because

  • “Jr.” is part of my name (it's on my birth certificate, really!).
  • “J” and “r” are the first and last letters of “Joe Miller” and “Joe L. Miller, Jr.”, the two forms of my full name I use most often.
  • They are also the first and last letters of “Juggler,” which allows me an indirect reference to my other favorite hobby.

Unfortunately, a well-liked woman with the nom Junior had died recently, and discreet inquiries established that it would be inappropriate for me to adopt it (even in an abbreviated form).

Over the next couple of weeks, I considered many alternatives, but finally hit upon JrMan, which (by using a captial M) allowed me to retain the “Jr” associations, with my chosen pronunciation (“German”) adding a reference to my Amish heritage.


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