Chainsaw and I went to college together. I ran into him at the 2000 ACPT & he immediately started introducing me to people as “Jenny, who's going to join the NPL.” This of course annoyed me so much that I vowed never to join the organization. But after several years of attending really fun parties with Sue++, D.Ness, Aesop, Sax, Xyzzy and others, I finally overcame my aversion and joined. I'm very glad I did.

First Issue: May 2002


I had some influence over both Foggy & Toonhead! but can't claim full credit for either.


Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of beer, music, dancing, and destruction. Seeing as these are four of my favorite things, it seemed appropriate to appropriate her moniker. I pronounce Hathor with a long a (like Hey, Thor!). I have no idea how Egyptologists pronounce it - nor do I care.



None, yet

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