My tree will never be tracked. I was descended upon by a pack of Krewe after the last (1986?) US Open in NYC at which I placed third. Post-tournament chat and coercion and promises of picnics led me to join. If I had to pick a single member as the one who brought me in, I would guess it was Hudu, though I recall meeting Manx and Sluggo and Arachne (and of course WILLz) that day, and probably others . . . .

And now that I'm thinking about it, that day I would have also met En, and Famulus, and probably Jo the Loiterer, and whatever their noms were then, Helene Hovanec and perhaps Leslie Billig, and, and, and, . . . .

Later (emailed from 1997 convention):

On reflection, decided to credit Hudu directly with my Kreweness and have so altered the tree. It'll find you eventually. I think I may get credit for Tom Lundregan (if he joins; stay tuned). He's an Atlantic Word Games person, and contact with him through that brought him to last night's doings. But he already knew about NPL before our exchanges, so I don't know if I'm an eligible “branch.”

First Issue: Jul 1986




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