I was recruited by Saxifrage, with a little help from Qaqaq. Saxifrage deserves most of the credit though, as she pestered me literally for years to get me to join up.

First Issue: Dec 2000



My nom is Latin for “book,” or more specifically “book of bound pages, as opposed to a scroll.” I chose it because I'm a librarian, trained originally in antiquarian and rare-books librarianship; I enjoy the pun on “code” as well. The first time I used the nom was actually well before I'd heard of the NPL, in the context of a “cyberpunk”-style game where it was equally appropriate, but for a different meaning of “code.”


  • Codax: Codex/Crax – this may have the distinction of being the first combinom for base-finder and artist in a picture flat.
  • Come-on: Codex/Someone
  • Cramexico: Cramerica/Codex
  • CODExx: Codex/Sue++
  • Clock: Codex/Hemlock


No data.

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