My mom, the late Sheba, read about the NPL in a contest she and I used to enter called the Dictionary Rally (now defunct). Sheba enrolled all 3 of us (Sheba, Shenanigan, Mangie).

I certainly remember John Ferguson (a.k.a. "fun") as being one of the 3 Rally masters. My late mom, Sheba (wife of Solomon), found out about the NPL from the Rally, which means that she must have read about it in one of the notices that the Rally sent us. Since Fun was a member, it's reasonable to assume that he's the missing link here. I also participated in the Dictionary Rally, so I ought to be able to do better than this, but I'm afraid I'm a real sieve-brain.

Source: npl-folk email from Shenanigan.



Sheba [was the] wife of Solomon.

Source: email from Shenanigan.

[Note: Sheba's real last name was Salomon.]


No data.


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