First Issue: September. 2008

I heard about NPL from three totally different sources, all within a month in August / September of 2008 and decided it was an omen:

  1. Tennaqist is a former student of mine who mentioned NPL when I asked her to join my puzzle hunt team.
  2. Serendipity and I worked on a game together, and she noted that I'd like NPL.
  3. Slik wrote an article about flats and NPL in Games magazine.


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I've always liked the Jewish folktale of the Golem, a creature brought to life by a mystic rabbi. (My puzzle hunt team is the Golden Golems.) In some versions, the Golem comes to life when its creator etches on its head the word אמת (pronounced emet) - the Hebrew word for truth. When the time comes to destroy the Golem, the first letter is erased, and the remaining word מת (pronounced met) is the Hebrew word for dead, rendering the Golem lifeless. So I've chosen this “beheadment flat base” as it were - transliterated into English letters as (e)met - as my nom.


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