Squonk attended the NY con (he's from Long Island). The con hooked him– and also caused him to INSIST, at gunpoint (okay, I exaggerate) that I attend the Montreal con with him. Which I did.

First Issue: June 1984




Some time around the late '90s, I realized that, in my haste to be nommed in time for my first con (at which point I'd never even seen a flat), I'd overlooked the Perfect Nom. “Rubrick” = “Rick” + “Rub[enstein]”. After several years of hemming and hawing (I was awfully well known as Rastelli) I solicited public opinion by crafting a dual nomtag at the 2004 con in Boston (by which point I'd already been using Rubrick as an email address and various usernames for quite a while). The consensus was that Rubrick was too good to pass up, and I made the switch official soon after.


My nom has a rather dull history; I'm a professional juggler, and Enrico Rastelli is the name of a famous juggler who lived in the early part of the century and is considered by many to be the greatest juggler of all time. Since I went to my first con (in Montreal) without any prior NPL experience, and since Squonk said I just *had* to have a nom, I selected mine without much thought. I've since somewhat regretted not picking something cleverer, but for the moment I don't plan to jump on the (so far small) nom-changing bandwagon.


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