Hot —> Banterweight.

Source: npl-folk email from Banterweight.

First Issue: Sep 1986


B++, Known, Sufi.


BanterWeight comes from a mishearing of bantamweight boxing results on my car radio. I was thrilled to discover they had a weight category for the kind of sparring I was good at! then when I joined the NPL, I was that kind of self-conscious that wanted to let everyone know, right away, that I wasn't even a “contender” for the heavyweight puzzling championship, so it fit. -my nicknom-BanterW-has two more syllables than my nom.


  • Height: Hot/Banterweight
  • Banter's Own: Banterweight/Known
  • Bulkweight: Ulk/Banterweight
  • Counterweight: Abacus/Banterweight


No data.

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