As a regular reader of the rec.puzzles Usenet newsgroup (and the editor of its archive) I was used to seeing a certain set of questions asked over and over again. One day the old “gry” puzzle was asked, but this time someone responded with a wonderful list of 100 or so obscure words and names ending in “gry.” I immediately responded to the poster (Merlin), asking where he had obtained such a wonderful list. He replied that he had extracted the list from a magazine called Word Ways and that if I liked that kind of thing I should subscribe, and by the way, I might consider joining the NPL. I did both and I'm very glad I did.

First Issue: May 1989




I was having trouble coming up with a nom, and expressed this frustration to Hudu at a convention. He immediately sat down with my name and tried anagramming it. He too soon discovered that there was really nothing there, until he had a sudden inspiration to use the acronym SLR (“Single Lense Reflex” – as in a camera). This then produced the anagram “choice SLR” and this suggested a number of brand names, of which Canon seemed the most appropriate.


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